Immotokens est uniquement disponible en néerlandais. Ces pages ont été traduites automatique à des fins pédagogiques.


Immotokens is only available in Dutch. These pages have been automatically translated for educational purposes.


Immotokens est uniquement disponible en néerlandais. Ces pages ont été traduites automatique à des fins pédagogiques.


Immotokens is only available in Dutch. These pages have been automatically translated for educational purposes.


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Finance the equity in your home.

Imagine this: your dream home is for sale, but you're just missing that bit of ownership to close the deal. That's where Immotokens comes in.

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A new solution

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Buying a home has not become cheaper in recent years. For instance, both house prices and interest rates have risen. Thus, equity becomes even more important. With traditional banks, you often can no longer apply or they demand a very large effort. Immotokens is your intermediate solution. We match you with private investors who buy the property with you. You pay out rental income to your co-investors and as soon as you can, you buy them out and become full owner of the property.

Immotokens matches investors with buyers.

Thanks to our platform, everything runs transparently and flawlessly.


Register with Immotokens and we will find the perfect investor to suit your needs.

Buying together

With the help of your investor, you buy the property together. You live in it, you make it your home.

Paying rent

In exchange for their input, you pay a monthly rent to the investor.

Buy out when you can

When you are financially ready, you simply buy out the investor's part.

Case studies

Read the stories of other co-investors.

"We thought our dream was still years away, but thanks to Immotokens, we were able to realise it now."

"When our dream house came on the market, the timing couldn't have been worse. We had just bought a new car"

"Thanks to Immotokens, I was still able to buy a property without sacrificing my business growth."

Advantages for the Investor

Immotokens is not just about supporting potential homeowners; investors also enjoy numerous benefits.

Stable revenue streams

Thanks to monthly rents, investors have a reliable return on their investment. Added to this is the advantage that tenants pay punctually, as otherwise you risk losing the house in case of non-payment.

Protected Investment

The investment is protected by the fact that they are co-owners of tangible real estate, an asset that historically retains its value and often even grows.

Property maintenance

There are no maintenance costs for the investor as these are borne by the tenant-owner.

Increased Rental Income

Because they invest a smaller amount in bullet form , they enjoy higher rental income as in a traditional investment.

Tax benefits

As with the purchase of classic real estate, there are several tax benefits available.

Risk minimisation

Immotokens conducts thorough screening of potential homeowners, which increases the chances of reliable rental payments.

Frequently asked questions

Can I also co-buy with friends/family?

Yes, you can definitely co-buy with friends or family through Immotokens. We provide the framework and clear agreements. You can submit an application via this form. Feel free to inform them and add them to your profile.

What fee should I pay?

The fee you pay to the investor depends on your profile and the specific conditions of your file. The fee follows the market rate and is clearly explained before you enter into an agreement. Expect a fee between 5 to 8% depending on market conditions.

How is it different from a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is a loan from a bank or financial institution specifically for the purchase of a home, using the home as collateral. With Immotokens, you work with an individual investor who becomes a co-owner of the property, rather than just borrowing money. As a result, you increase your equity.

Can I still borrow if I work with an investor?

Yes, you can still borrow from the bank. It is your own input that is co-financed.

What if I cannot repay the investor's contribution?

If you cannot repay the investor's contribution, pre-agreed conditions will kick in. This could mean, for example, that you have to sell the house to pay him back.

Who pays for the cost of the property?

The costs of the property, such as maintenance, taxes and insurance, are borne by the homebuyer and not the investor.

What if I want to sell my house earlier?

If you decide to sell your house earlier, there are generally conditions you have to meet, such as repaying the investor.

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