Immotokens est uniquement disponible en néerlandais. Ces pages ont été traduites automatique à des fins pédagogiques.


Immotokens is only available in Dutch. These pages have been automatically translated for educational purposes.


Immotokens est uniquement disponible en néerlandais. Ces pages ont été traduites automatique à des fins pédagogiques.


Immotokens is only available in Dutch. These pages have been automatically translated for educational purposes.


Together smarter investing in real estate.

By investing together, we spread the risk and you can invest with any budget. Moreover, it is completely hassle-free and you also get your share of the rental income every month*. Smarter right?

  • Invest with any budget (from as little as €50)
  • Get every month your share of the rental income
  • Transparent follow-up via our platform or the app!

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* Rental income and value increases depend on the performance of the underlying property. Before making an investment decision, we recommend that you read the information memorandum thoroughly for each project.

Did you see us in in the press?

"Blockchain lets you be a landlord from €50" - The Times 16/09/21

"Winner FinTech Public Award 2021" - FinTech Belgium 30/11/21

Choose a property and invest.

Would you also like to invest in real estate, but the purchase prices have become too expensive? Thanks to Immotokens, you can now invest indirectly in real estate with any budget! That way, you can easily build up a monthly supplementary income. 

Get your rental income every month.

Each immotoken is linked to real estate.

Follow up your investments easily online.

Automatic indexation link ensures increased rental income.

*Performed returns are a general gross indication of returns. Net yields depend on the performance and costs of the underlying property. Read the information memorandum and issue conditions for more information. Download our brochure to view different yield simulations or ask for a free yield simulation on.

What can you expect as an investor?


You buy an immotoken

An immotoken is a digital representation of your part of an investment property.

You receive monthly rental income

You get your share of the rental income from that particular property the following month.

When selling, you get your share back + added value.

After 15 years, the property is sold and you get your share of the sale value (including capital gains) of that particular property.

Start building your wealth today.

Thanks to Immotokens, you can build up a transparent, differentiated property portfolio that provides you with a stable supplementary income every month.

Investing can be done in minutes

Register and invest

You can do online register or download the app from the app store or playstore

Choose a property and get paid your rental income the following month.

Have you reached your target or have an emergency? Sell back some of your tokens.

You can resell immotokens freely.

What our satisfied customers say

Top app to invest in real estate! Minimum amount of €50.

Wagebaert D.

Quick and easy. Rental income is paid monthly.

Wuyts K.

Super overview of all investments. Very transparent.

From overboard L.

Belgium's first applied blockchain project! Works like a charm.

Tuythoofd L.

Very easy to use. On 123 you have invested in real estate!

Callens A.

Automated with smart contracts.

Secured with Blockchain.

Fraud and theft resistant.

Immotokens are secured thanks to blockchain technology. This makes it impossible for fraud or theft to occur.


Thanks to our smart contract technology, you can easily purchase real estate online.

Application Immotkoens

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference with a classic real estate investment?

There are 3 reasons why you should choose real estate rather than a traditional real estate investment

1. You do not (yet) have a budget for real estate.

With immotokens, you can invest any amount of money in real estate with exactly the same benefits. This way, your savings bring immediate returns and you do not have to pay off a loan to invest.

2. You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket.

You can invest with the same budget in 5 different properties instead of investing everything in one property. This gives you even more security and stability.

3. You are not in the mood for administration.

Both buying and managing real estate is a lot easier than if you managed it yourself.


What if I want to sell my real estate?

That is perfectly possible! You can sell your real estate to whomever you want. This can be to friends, family or other investors in the property. You can also use our resale forum, where you get access to our investment database. Currently, the sale is only possible to Belgians. This will be extended in the future. 

Do I have to declare immotokens to the tax authorities?

You do not have to declare your earnings to the tax authorities. Immotokens collects the withholding tax for you and pays it to the state. This payment is in full discharge, which means that you do not have to do anything else. Of course you can always report it for information purposes, but it is not compulsory.

What are the risks's?

For a full overview of the risks, please refer to the information memorandum and conditions of issue. The biggest risk is property-related. If there is no rental income, as an investor you will not receive a return. If the rental income is lower than expected, as an investor you will receive a lower return. If the property is eventually sold, it is possible that this will be for a lower amount than the original purchase value. 

Who takes care of sales and management?

We work with experienced, independent professional parties to manage your investment. This also ensures that everything is fair.

  1. An independent surveyor inspects all the real estate before sale. This way, as an investor you know exactly what you are buying.
  2. An independent steward takes care of the day-to-day management and leasing of the properties. Each quarter, you will receive a transparent overview per property.
  3. An independent real estate agent takes care of the final sale of the property. This way, you can be sure of a correct sales price.

Do you want more information?

Talk to one of our investment advisers. We will be happy to provide you with more information or a return simulation. Request an introductory meeting below.